Tsukihoshi Children Shoes - Perfect For Your Kids

When I was a young kid, my mother was always busy in making shoes. My youngest brother, my young sister and me, everyone will have four or three shoes every year. Of course, they are made different. The shoes which are suitable for spring and autumn are easy to be made. Two or three-layer cloth is bound together by paste and then sew it around the edge. But the shoes worn in winter are very complicate to be made. In order to protect our feet from coldness and freeze, some cotton is needed to be filled up between the cloths. This procedure will be finished at least one month later.

The most hard and complex thing is to make soles. All of the soles are the same. About ten or more layer cloths are bound together by paste and then dry them under the blazing sun for almost one week. During this period, mother measure our feet and get the right size. Of course, there is no tool to measure the size, the only and simple way to get the right information is to draw our feet outline on different papers. But it is not precise all the time, but it works most of the time. Cut them down and those are the size of our feet.

The size of the ten-layer cloth cut is the same to that of paper and sews cloth with hemp rope, which is the strongest and firmest one during that time. After finish this sole, you will find that there are thousands of stitches in the sole, which indicate the greatness and depth of mother's love.

This kind of hand-made shoes is very comfortable and always keeps our feet cool and breathable. So we three wear them all our childhood. At present, there is no enough time for mother to make one pair of shoes for her kids, more and more shoes manufacturers grasp this opportunity and make money. So it is very easy for mothers to buy a pair of shoes for their kids. Online shoes stores are more and more popular. This will save more time and energy for mothers.
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